With Prime theme your website will always look perfect no matter if your visitors are on a desctop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. A beautiful design will automatically adapt to screen size and each pixel will respond as it should. We have tested every element on different screens all the way down to smaller screens such as iPhone. By the way, for such screens Prime provides adaptive navigation menu. Plus the Revolution Slider that is built in the theme is fully responsive as well, and it supports touch swipe technology for smartphones and tablets. In case you do not need the responsiveness on your site, you can easily turn it off in theme options.

You can be sure people will enjoy browsing your site with ultra-sharp graphics on their Retina devices. Prime is a great choice for those who want their web pages to look fantastic on high resolution displays of the devices like iPhone, iPad or MacBookPro Retina. 100% Retina Ready included images, custom fonts, icon fonts, and modern CSS will absolutely do the trick. You can also upload your custom logos with high dpi via theme options and get a perfect look on Retina displays.

Create stunning pages and organize content in a snap! Everything is pretty easy with drag and drop page builder and shortcodes that Prime includes. Page composer is fully integrated and allows to add, edit, and manage the content on your beatiful site through visual and backend modes. Now you can have almost any layout you can imagine.

With the giant range of options, settings, features and elements available in our advanced admin panel you can create exactly what you want! We are sure you will be nicely dazed with this enormous flexibility. The color of every element on the site can be changed to the one you want. Crazy amount of fonts for the headings and body, just select the desired font and set size, color and line-height for it! Choose layout style (wide or boxed) with the individual settings availiable for each, activate or deactivate responsiveness. Select size, position, color, gradient and font for your buttons, or/and add icons to them. Customize your header and footer, tune blog and portfolio sections with advanced options, set up any social network, add sidebar and edit its options, use awesome revolution slider which is ready to appear on any page with a few clicks – everything is just easy and simple. Many other settings and custom CSS input will allow to realize your ideas on site and enjoy the results.

We have worked on the extended layout settings for our users. Container width, container background color and container background color opacity are ready to be set for your needs. Container width option is a great tool if you need theme to be flexible and meet your requirements. Also, we are sure you will find useful possibilities to activate or deactivate responsiveness, enable or disable zoom on mobile devices.

We have included tons of shortcodes that provide high-end functionality. Choose from the variety of tables, buttons, and much more. You will find anything you need to create your page layout. Each shortcode can be inserted on any page. Some of the shortcodes are customizable. Use our endless options and shortcodes to build your own pages and set up the desirable site. Check out Shortcodes menu in our demo!

Prime has been built using modern semantic HTML5 code. It meets best SEO practices and allows search engines to perfectly analyse the content on your site. You can choose to use built-in SEO utilities or install one of the industry-leading SEO plugins (e.g. “SEO by Yoast”).

Translate your site to any language or even multiple languages with Prime, 100% translation ready theme. It supports localization with .mo/.po language files, and has RTL built-in. Also it is fully compatible with qTranslate-x plugin, and finally: full WPML support allows you to create multilingual website!

To make your start in building a website as easy as possible we have featured Prime with demo content importer. It loads the demo content from our showcase site. So, you do not need to deal with any XML files and missing content anymore. With a click of just one button inside theme options you get the demo pages, posts, sliders, widgets, theme options and other settings. Just within a minute your theme will be set up like our demo. Easy and simple! All of our demo content is fully loaded with available pages and posts, multiple home pages, portfolio home pages, blog home pages, shop home pages, blog and portfolio pages, feature pages, about us, services page and FAQ’s, shortcodes, contact, etc.

Different header designs, dozens of navigation options, “sticky header”, and megamenu feature – everything to provide an awesome experience for your visitors! Multiple header layouts can be found here and tuned according to the desired functionality. Choose header background color, image, height, bottom style. Activate or deactivate top bar, add or remove logo tagline, upload your logo and set its width. All header options are easily accessible in our exclusive theme options panel.

Enjoy Font Awesome Icon Set with 510+ retina ready icons included and fully integrated to our theme. 4 different sizes are availiable: Large, Medium, Standard or Small. Each icon can be stylized with shortcode parameters: with or without a background behind, icon color, background color, background border color and backround border style. The icon set is also integrated into several different styles of bontent boxes. You can use any one of the Font Awesome icons in the content box shortcode. To use the icon you need to click the shortcode button, then insert the name of the icon you want to use and that is it!

Got a big site with lots of sub menus? Not a problem anymore! We care about all users, and that is why we have built the Megamenu feature right into the default WordPress Menu Builder of the Prime theme. It works without any extra effort, you can start adding columns and items right away and create navigation layouts of any complexity. No any frames for your talent, creativity and goals.

Use advanced blog settings and your creativity with no limits. Blog is an important part of a site, so w
e equipped it with many options. You can choose from 4 different layout styles and have as many individual blog pages as you need with 6 post formats (video, audio, image, link, quote, gallery). A sidebar can be used on left/right side of the page, or you can remove the sidebar to have a full width page. The following functions can be added/removed: meta info for blog posts (author, date, tags, etc.), ‘Read More’ button, Author info, Related Posts, Posts navigation, social share-box on single post view. Use revolution slider for your posts, manually reorder posts, automatic pagination, auto generated thumbnails, sortable/filterable categories, left or right sidebar, featured images, and more to improve the usability of your blog.

Enjoy multiple unique portfolio pages. Choose from 6 different layout styles including 1-4 column layouts, portfolio with excerpts and fullwidth portfolio. Also, there are 4 portfolio item types: fullwidth slider, single with grid gallery, featured image type, portfolio video post. You can make portfolio single pages to be side-by-side slider, side-by-side image, single with related items or with extra description. Set the quantity of items per each column you want to see before pagination shows up, assign custom categories per portfolio page, manually reorder posts, enable comments, use sidebar, images, slideshows, videos, enjoy auto generated thumbnails and automatic pagination, sortable/filterable categories and many other – everything to make portfolio setting up easy and comfortable.

Because we do want all our customers to be 100% satisfied with their purchase, we do provide 24/7 premium-class
support for all our items. Providing our customers with excellent service has always been our first priority. We not
only produce perfectly coded and designed theme, we will also take care of any issues connected with Prime. Our
experienced support representatives will do whatever it takes to fix any problem that may come up. Special support
forum has been created by our team for users’ convenience. Please fill out a new thread and we will do our best to
get a resolution as soon as possible.
As a top quality product, Prime is being constantly updated. All buyers can be sure that their theme will get the
updates with requested new features, needed improvements, or required fixes. Every future update is 100% free.

We are proud that users of Prime can enjoy using an awesome Revolution Slider, one of the best slider plugins. It is included to the theme package, so you actually get this WordPress plugin for free once you buy the theme. Choose your slider be
responsive or fullwidth, customize it easily with drag&drop backend. The product is search engine optimized (content is
readable by search engines) and has a lot of custom transitions/animations for each object you place on the page. A
big stack of options, lots of unique transition effects, an image preloader, video embedding and many other features
can help to get the result you will be satisfied with. Many thanks to ThemePunch for such a great job they did.
-Fully Responsive
-Multi-content (images, videos, HTML elements, etc)
-Customizable 100% via Plugin Backend
-iPhone & Android Swipe Touch
-Supports Vimeo & Youtube
-WYSIWYG editor
-CSS Animation with FallBack to jQuery
-Tons of flexible features and settings

Enjoy using customized titlebar in your Prime theme. A set of useful options can easily tune this element for your
needs. Choose a title background color or set an image for it, select outer and inner paddings, set title alignment
(left, center, right). Title text and subtitle text options allow to change font size, weight, color and select font
family. Also, it is possible to show/hide breadcrumb, set its color and hover color. And of course, you can disable
whole titlebar bar with one click if you need so.

Prime theme offers unlimited color control for almost every element. You can easily select the color of desired
object and implement it throughout the entire site with a help of backend color picker in the theme options. Just
pick a new color, or insert a hex or rgb number. Change the color of fonts, menus, dividers, borders, etc via theme
options or with the shortcode itself. All buttons (including their gradients and roll overs), links, text and other
elements appear with CSS3. So you can change the color of each without any extra effort. This is because we care
about your comfort and usability of our theme.

Change the layout to one of the available styles: boxed and wide. They can be easily switched in theme options panel
with the tick of a button. Each style applies throughout the entire site. You can take a look on both boxed and wide
versions using style swicher in our demo. Choose to have the background be a custom image (set a position or make it
fullscreen), or a solid color, and set layout width When the boxed layout is enabled. Wide spectrum of these settings
is a necessary part of a great flexible theme.

Our theme includes 10 custom widgets that increase a potentiality of your site. They can be easily dragged and
dropped into desired section menu/s to be activated. The following custom widgets are available: Portfolio, Socials,
Embed, Sponsor, Contact, Latest Posts, Facebook, Flickr, Instagram, and Twitter.

There are a lot of font fields in theme options, so you can set the size and family for almost every font on the site
as well as select the colors. Easy customizable H1-H6 headings, menu, body, footer headings, title text, etc. Google
Fonts, Standard Fonts, possibility to upload custom fonts – no theme around offers such a wide range of options.

For your convenience we have built RTL right into the theme. You will just need to upload RTL language and specify it
in the wp-config file – that is all, RTL text will be displayed on your site properly.

We did our best to remove any limits for our theme users, and that is why Prime has such great features as Megamenu
and Unlimited Sidebars. With unlimited sidebars option you can craft as many unique sidebars as it is needed for your
site. Just use your admin panel to add a custom sidebar to any single page, archive or index.

Now adding a lot of content to your site becomes really easy. Prime has side navigation template which will help you.
Very comfortable to set up and use. You can position it on the right or left, wherever is more convenient for you.

Sticky Header is a godsend for those people who are tired of scrolling up from the bottom of the webpage to select an
other menu item. Site’s main menu with logo will be following when you scroll and always be at the top of the screen.
Now the viewers of your site will be thankful for the fast and easy navigation. And of course, this sticky header
feature can be easily enabled/disabled in options panel of your theme.

Not only header is an important part of the site – footer ussualy contains a lot of necessary and useful data as
well. Here in Prime we have created a possibility to customize your footer. You can turn on or off widgetized footer
tool and set the number of widget columns for it, set footer background image or make backround a solid color, select
colors for footer borders, text, links. Also, extended options are available for copiright section: uplaod your logo,
enter copyright text, choose colors for copyright background, text, links and many other.

With Prime you are able to setup one page navigation directly through theme options. Build amazing one page site
using your favourite theme!